Practical Bliss Happiness Quickstart Workbook


The most important project you will ever work on...YOUR LIFE! 

Stop settling for ordinary and start creating what really makes you happy! 

This free COMPANION guide is packed with all the exercises and illustrations from my book, PLUS a few bonus exercises that I’ve reserved just for this workbook. 

Most exercises can stand alone, and you’ll find value in their use even if you haven’t completed all the other exercises yet.

Packed with more than 20 exercises, including...

  • The Life Inventory Quiz 
  • The Purpose Clue Finder
  • The Passion Pulse Checklist 
  • The Self-Center-ing System
  • The Passion Prediction Sheet 
  • The Flow Zone Worksheet 
  • ...and more !

You'll also receive periodic Bits of Bliss™ to help you maintain your motivation!

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